GOP congressman predicts handcuffs are on the way for Schiff, Comey

Are Deep State operatives like James Comey and Adam Schiff as safe as they seem to think they are from criminal prosecution for their roles in starting the failed investigation into alleged Trump-Russia collusion?

In short, no — or at least, they shouldn’t be, according to one Republican congressman who wants to see James Comey, Adam Schiff, and others in handcuffs.

Not over yet

GOP Reps. Michael Turner (OH) and Andy Biggs (AZ) appeared alongside investigative reporter Sara Carter on Fox News on Friday to discuss the future of investigations into alleged ties between President Donald Trump and the Kremlin.

The show was hosted by former Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT), who was filling in for Sean Hannity.

After being asked where she thinks probes into Trump are headed, Carter was first to bring up the possibility of “Deep State” operatives leaving Washington in handcuffs.

“We know where it’s going,” she said. “It’s going to deep investigations to the genesis of the origination of this investigation into President Trump. I believe there will be indictments. I believe people will be held accountable for this.”

“And that’s why I think, Jason, that any type of impeachment proceedings or hearings of that nature are just going to backfire on the Democrats,” Carter added.

Carter’s comment prompted Chaffetz to ask Rep. Biggs whether “we [will] actually see people in handcuffs held accountable for the genesis and the abusing the FISA court system.”

“We’d better,” Biggs replied. “Because the American people demand that. And I — if we don’t, it’s just another crime in history.”

The real conspirators

Of course, the crime that Biggs is referring to is the unprecedented attempt by members of the left — starting with the Clintons, who through intermediaries paid for the infamous Christopher Steele dossier — to get President Donald Trump removed from office.

If this isn’t treason, then treason must not exist. And unlike the numerous attempts to take down Trump, there is actually evidence of wrongdoing by these partisan operatives.

Included among them are former CIA Director John Brennan, former National Intelligence Director James Clapper, Former FBI directors James Comey and Andrew McCabe, and, no doubt, countless others who furthered the Russia collusion investigation despite a lack of evidence.

Indeed, the backfire looks likely — and it’s about time.

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