Senate GOP fundraising hits all-time high

Just how badly do conservative Americans want to protect their president? Based on recent fundraising numbers, which have hit all-time highs, it would appear that keeping the majority in the Senate is of the utmost importance.

According to the National Republican Senatorial Committee, almost $48 million has been raised so far this year, a record-breaking amount for a year prior to a presidential election, The Washington Examiner reports.

Must Keep the Senate

While it is still unclear if Democrats will actually take their impeachment imquiry to a vote, they clearly have the numbers in the House to succeed if they do.

The problem for Democrats, though, is that they know they don’t have the numbers in the Senate for a conviction, a fact which could end up costing them a few votes in the House for fear of repercussions at the ballot box next November in more moderate disticts.

For Republicans, it is imperative to keep the edge they currently hold in the Senate, while preferably extending that majority.

The Alabama seat currently held by a Democrat should swing back to Republicans in the next election, and there are several Democrat incumbents who are facing major threats for their seats as well.

However, there are also some traditionally red seats that may be up for grabs, such as those in Arizona and Colorado.

Conservatives Open Up the Books

Something of note here is that these numbers are far from the norm. Democrats usually hold a significant advantage in fundraising, but their coffers are getting dangerously empty.

In fact, the Democrat Senatorial Campaign Committee, at last report, was still holding almost $14 million in debt from last year.

Republicans enjoy the opposite situation, as they are carrying almost no debt and have an ample war chest to start blowing up the internet, radio, and TV with ads for their candidates.

Not only are the official party fundraising arms doing well, but Super PACs affiliated with key Republicans are also seeing record donations. For instance, One Nation, a Super PAC backing Senator McConnell (R-KY) currently has more than $27 million on hand.

If Republicans lose the Senate, rest assured, it will not be because they did not have enough financial resources to thwart challenges from Democrats.

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