Poll: Strong majority of GOP voters still favor Trump’s policy positions

Democrats and the media, joined by a few outspoken anti-Trump Republicans, are demanding that GOP voters immediately move on from President Donald Trump and take the party in a completely different direction.

A recent survey of Republican voters suggests that is highly unlikely to occur, as strong majorities still view Trump as a leading figure and policy-setter for the GOP on a range of major issues, Breitbart reported.

In other words, most Republican voters still approve of Trump and have no desire to alter the party’s policy course from the path he charted over his four years in office — no matter how much Democrats, the media and NeverTrumpers scream about it.

Where Republican voters stand

CBS News and YouGov conducted the poll between May 12-14 with 951 Republican or GOP-leaning voters who had previously participated in CBS/YouGov polling this year.

The sample was weighted along various demographic lines to accurately reflect the makeup of the Republican Party in the 2020 election and had a margin of error of around 3.5%.

CBS noted that the survey was precipitated by the House Republicans’ ouster of Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) from her leadership role, which Republicans assert was due to her inability to perform the duties of the job — unify the GOP in opposition to President Joe Biden — while Democrats and the media have alleged it was a result of her outspoken disloyalty to Trump.

GOP voters want to stick with Trump’s policies

As for the polling from YouGov, it’s clear that an overwhelming majority of Republicans continue to support the major policy directions for the party as laid out by Trump.

On economic issues, 89% said the GOP should follow the example set by Trump, with 88% saying the same with regard to his immigration policies and 80% saying as much about Trump’s leadership style.

Along those lines, 77% of the Republican respondents said the party should emulate Trump in how he treated the media — which, separately in that poll, was deemed to be “unfair” to Republicans by 84% — and 69% wanted to see the party treat liberal Democrats in the same way that Trump had.

Furthermore, the pollsters found that 92% of Republicans believed that Trump generally represented their political views, whether “all” (17%), “most” (48%), or “some” (27%) of the time, revealing a continued bond between Trump and voters that Democrats and the media are incapable of severing.

Legitimacy of 2020 election

Interestingly enough, 67% believed that Biden was not legitimately elected president in the 2020 election, with a similar number, 68%, suggesting that it was “very important” (37%) or “somewhat important” (31%) for Republican candidates to address the allegations of fraud and irregularities in the 2020 election.

As much as Democrats and the media think they can dictate to Republican voters what their party should look like, this poll makes it abundantly clear that a significant majority of those voters remain aligned with Trump and simply don’t care what the former president’s haters say or think about it.

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