8 GOP congressmen announce plans to object to Electoral College vote out of Pennsylvania

With his hopes of successfully challenging the results of the 2020 White House race in court fading fast, President Donald Trump has turned to Republicans in Congress to hold out in the fight against what he has called a “rigged” election. And finally, it looks like they will soon be delivering for him.

According to Breitbart, eight Republicans who represent Pennsylvania in the U.S. House have vowed to come out against their state’s electors on Wednesday, Jan. 6, when Congress meets to formally count the Electoral College votes.

The Keystone State’s electors all went for Democrat Joe Biden, but these GOP congressmen — including Pennsylvania Reps. Fred Keller, Mike Kelly, and John Joyce — want to see that reversed.

Other Pennsylvania Republicans who promised to object on Wednesday included Reps. Dan Meuser, Scott Perry, Guy Reschenthaler, Lloyd Smucker, and Glenn Thompson, according to Breitbart.

“These are facts”

In a joint statement released through Meuser’s office, the group noted that, per the U.S. Constitution, all power and authority with regard to election procedures rests solely with state legislatures.

“Unfortunately, the many unlawful actions undertaken by the Pennsylvania Governor’s office, the Secretary of State, and what has been described as a rogue Pennsylvania Supreme Court exceeded and circumvented the state legislature’s clear constitutional authority,” the lawmakers said.

Among those “unlawful actions” are allegations that election officials accepted ballots after polls closed on Election Day; allowed the “curing” of defective mail-in ballots on short notice in some counties, but not others; permitted the use of unsecured ballot drop boxes without statutory authority; and prevented poll watchers from meaningfully observing the ballot counting in Philadelphia.

“These unlawful actions were taken without the authority or consent of the Pennsylvania state legislature. These are facts, and they are indisputable,” the congressmen said in their statement.

“Inaccurate vote total”

The group of Republicans also took issue with the fact that the Democratic attorney general of Pennsylvania has done nothing about the allegations of ballot fraud, arguing that, all things considered, “such unlawful, unregulated, and inconsistent activities resulted in a highly questionable and inaccurate vote total.”

“Until these unlawful practices are acknowledged and corrected, we cannot agree to support electors chosen based upon an inaccurate total vote count. The voters of Pennsylvania deserve integrity in the election process and equal protection under the law,” the lawmakers concluded, according to Breitbart.

Their statement came just one day after Sen. Josh Hawley, a Missouri Republican, announced in a statement that he, too, would be objecting on Jan. 6 to Biden’s apparent win. Thus far, Hawley is the only Republican senator to set such plans in stone.

As of Thursday, at least 34 incumbent and incoming House Republicans — led by Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) and including the eight Pennsylvanians — had gone on record with their plans to object, according to The Hill. And now that Hawley is on board in the Senate, there’s no telling who will join them in the coming days.

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