Controversial GOP congressman loses primary bid: Report

A controversial GOP congressman has just been ousted from his House seat.

According to Politico, Iowa Rep. Steve King (R) lost his primary bid on Tuesday, bringing an end to his decades-long career in Washington.

Get out

Known for his history of controversial remarks, particularly on race, King was a stain on the Republican Party that hurt the GOP’s standing with minority voters.

Some of the congressman’s more recent comments even resulted in him being stripped of his committee duties in the House, more or less making him an empty seat for Republicans, as Politico noted.

In short, King’s ouster is more than welcome.

After winning the Republican primary in the state, Iowa State Senator Randy Feenstra (R) will vie against a Democrat in November to replace King — which means after this term, the GOP no longer has to tolerate a colleague who many believe to be racist.

Getting results

Feenstra didn’t focus his campaign on bashing King for his often insensitive comments, however. Instead, Feenstra’s team went after King’s record, painting him as an ineffective congressman who has lost his influence on the Hill.

In essence, Feenstra’s campaign was a plea to the voters to remove King and put someone else in the House who can continue moving the Republican Party forward. He even dodged the political hot potato of race after he sent King packing in the primary.

“I thank Congressman King for his decades of public service,” the Republican primary victor said Tuesday, according to Politico. “As we turn to the general election, I will remain focused on my plans to deliver results for the families, farmers, and communities of Iowa.”

Feenstra also said he was “truly humbled by the outpouring of support over the past 17 months that made tonight possible,” as National Review reported.

With the general election now looming, Democrats are hoping they can take King’s seat as well as gain a Senate seat in the state, which they’re hoping to take from Republican Joni Ernst. Finishing up her first six-year term, Ernst won in 2014 on a promise that she would make Washington “squeal,” Politico noted.

It wasn’t quite a vow to “drain the swamp,” but it was effective. Only time will tell, however, if the GOP can pull it off in Iowa again.

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