Nancy Pelosi fell to new lows on border security — so a GOP congressman destroyed her

Throughout the lengthy partial government shutdown, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi refused to offer up any funding for the border wall requested by President Donald Trump — though she promised to open up negotiations once the government reopened. As such, Trump went ahead and agreed to a short-term re-opening of the government on the condition that actual negotiations about border security funding take place.

But in a departure from her prior insinuations, Pelosi has continued to adamantly refuse to provide any funding whatsoever for a border wall, a reversal that earned her a sharp rebuke from a Republican congressman from Texas.

She won’t give “any wall money”

Politico reported that Pelosi told reporters on Thursday just after a small group of House and Senate representatives began negotiating on border security that despite these talks, she plans to continue to refuse to provide any funding for an actual border wall.

“There’s not going to be any wall money in the legislation,” Pelosi said.

Later, the speaker admitted that there may be some wiggle room for certain kinds of “barriers.” She went on to clarify that the style of barrier she referenced in her talk with reporters — known as Normandy fencing — was designed solely to stop vehicle traffic, and does nothing to prevent illicit foot traffic by illegal aliens or drug and human traffickers across the border.

But just one day prior to that, Pelosi had said much the same thing about refusing to give any funding for a wall. She even called the House into recess for the remainder of the week.

In response to that, a new Republican member of Congress from Texas took to the House floor to call out the speaker for her refusal to both negotiate in good faith and keep Congress in session to do the job they were elected to do.

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Why has nothing been done?

Texas Rep. Chip Roy chastised Pelosi for recessing the House on Wednesday, saying that it is difficult to explain to his constituents, which include U.S. Border Patrol agents, why nothing is being done to secure our nation’s southern border.

“I can’t go home to the people of TX-21 and explain to them why we are here for two days having show votes, and then leave on a Wednesday,” Roy said. “Explain that. Explain to the people why we’re going to leave this afternoon at 1:00, not securing the border. It makes absolutely no sense to the American people.”

He added: “They wonder how this House leaves them with an unsecured border and nothing more than show votes for political theater.”

Pelosi “clearly doesn’t care”

Later, after the House was dismissed for the week and Roy arrived back in Texas, he traveled down to the border to meet with Border Patrol agents and law enforcement, and posted a brief message to social media during that trip wherein he asserted that Pelosi simply “doesn’t care” about making our southern border secure.

“Speaker Pelosi clearly doesn’t care,” he said. “She doesn’t care about what is happening to American citizens, doesn’t care about what is happening to migrants that want to come here.”

Rep. Roy is absolutely right to call out Pelosi, as she has shown quite clearly — in both word and deed — that she has absolutely no desire to help secure the southern border with adequate barriers.

Her prior statements suggesting otherwise were nothing more than duplicitous partisan gamesmanship.

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