GOP congressional poll shows party poised to regain majority status in House

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has spent several of her congressional terms in a leadership position, prompting many Americans to speculate about when she will finally step down.

While rumors and reports surrounding a possible retirement date have circulated for some time, she could face an involuntary retirement from the speakership based on a new poll showing that the GOP has a good chance of regaining a majority in the lower chamber after next year’s midterm elections.

“An uphill battle”

An internal survey by the National Republican Congressional Committee conducted this month found a range of interesting data that could play in the party’s favor across several battleground states.

For starters, voters increasingly disapprove of Pelosi’s job performance, as evidenced by her 38% favorable and 56% unfavorable ratings. Those results are several points worse than data revealed in prior polls as recently as February.

In so-called “Trump/Democratic districts,” the news is even worse for Pelosi, with her unfavorable rating spiking to a staggering 60%.

“Democrats in these districts are going to have an uphill battle defending their decisions to vote in lockstep with Pelosi’s socialist agenda,” reported the NRCC in a related press release.

If other congressional Democrats begin to see similar data, the speaker’s colleagues could begin to move away from her partisan positions, further eroding her grip on power and the caucus and potentially pushing her out of Congress altogether.

“A check-and-balance to Nancy Pelosi”

For their part, Republicans found that “ticket-splitting” districts, or those where the majority of congressional votes went to a different party than the majority of presidential ballots, preferred “a Republican who will be a check-and-balance to Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats’ agenda in Congress” by a 54% majority.

Only 41% of voters in these districts prefer Democratic candidates “who will help Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats pass their agenda in Congress.”

The NRCC survey also clearly indicated that voters prefer GOP candidates when it comes to protecting jobs and the U.S. economy. Notably, 42% of independents preferred Republicans while only 31% favored Democrats.

In other key issues, such as support for President Joe Biden’s infrastructure plan, independents were similarly opposed to the Democratic Party agenda. More than seven in 10 said they would be less likely to vote for “a Democrat who voted for a 2.3 trillion-dollar infrastructure plan that spends 93% on things OTHER than improving our roads and bridges.”

These data points represent just the tip of the iceberg within the recent survey, with the overall picture pointing to a potential disaster for Democrats in the next election.

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