GOP congressional hopeful says George Soros has ‘completely hijacked’ Black Lives Matter

Angela Stanton-King, a Republican candidate for Georgia’s 15th congressional district, made waves this week when she alleged in an interview with Breitbart News that the Black Lives Matter movement and associated protests against police brutality have been “completely hijacked” by billionaire investor George Soros.

Stanton-King is currently staging a bid against longtime Democratic Rep. John Lewis ahead of November’s election.

Taking a stand

Stanton-King received a pardon in February by President Donald Trump in connection with a 2004 conviction on charges related to auto theft, according to The Washington Times. Her political advocacy has since been geared toward reforms within the criminal justice system.

As the goddaughter of Martin Luther King Jr.’s niece, Alveda King, the Republican candidate has also been outspoken on issues of racial equality. Her take, however, does not always match up with the Black Lives Matter position.

“How can a dream live if we kill it, right?” she said when announcing her candidacy in March, according to 11Alive in Atlanta. “How many Martin Luther King Juniors, and Malcolm X’s, or Barack Obamas have we aborted? Every time you hear that the majority of Democratic candidates go on stage, they say poor women of color need access to abortion.”

Asserting that she was “born to a poor woman of color,” Stanton-King went on to ask why “their lives are worth any less than others” and argued for taking “a different approach to the issue instead of constantly receiving funding for our own genocide.”

She has not been afraid to call out the acts of rioters, demands to defund the police, and the shady figures she believes are bankrolling it all.

“Picking up the torch”

Of course, her speculation about Soros is nothing new among conservatives. In 2016, some Trump supporters theorized that Soros had been funding protests in the aftermath of the election.

As the president and others point to the loose affiliation of destructive activists known as Antifa, conspiracies about Soros’ hand in the organization of its acts have flourished in recent weeks.

For her part, Stanton-King’s willingness to speak out on the issue has made her a commodity to the GOP in the eyes of some voters. Trump has already made progress in his promise to reform the criminal justice system, and Stanton-King could play an important part in that continuing effort.

“This is about picking up the torch and continuing the fight for justice,” her campaign stated at the outset, according to 11Alive.

Given her unique background and passion for the issue, Stanton-King appears poised to take the Trump administration’s achievements to the next level.

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