San Francisco GOP chair challenges Pelosi for House seat

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) days in Congress may soon come to an end. The longtime California lawmaker may be falling out of favor in both her party and her district, making her vulnerable to challengers.

Sensing Pelosi’s weakness, chairman of the San Francisco Republican Party, John Dennis, has announced that he wants to end Pelosi’s congressional career by running for her seat, according to a report from One America News Network (OAN). 

If there was any time in recently that was ripe for Pelosi’s ouster, that time is now.

Into the belly of the beast

John Dennis is running against Pelosi in the Democrat stronghold that is California’s 12th congressional district. San Francisco, while traditionally an untouchable Democrat city, is now vulnerable due to the rapid acceleration of the city’s deterioration.

Nancy Pelosi has held the seat since 1987, and in that time, San Francisco has been on a steep decline. The city is afflicted by homelessness and other issues that are negatively impacting its residents. Indeed, while Pelosi plays politics in Washington, her district is suffering.

John Dennis has an opportunity to remove Pelosi not just on political grounds, but on practical grounds as well.

Dennis is far from a conventional sort of Republican candidate. In fact, he can be better described as a libertarian and is generally opposed to intervention in foreign conflicts, according to RealClearPolitics.

The GOP candidate also has the opportunity to focus intently on local issues that affect citizens regardless of their political affiliation. The homeless problem and the issues that flow from it all need solutions, and Pelosi has done nothing thus far to address the daily concerns her constituents face.

If Dennis can show the people of the 12th congressional district exactly how he will make their lives better, he may be able to unseat Pelosi.

Pelosi’s vulnerability

Pelosi has become such a controversial figure that Republicans are using her record to attack other Democrats in swing states. One Democrat has recently disavowed support for Pelosi because of those withering critiques.

To make matters worse, a recent poll showed that nearly half of Democrats want Pelosi replaced as their party’s leader.

Pelosi is fast losing the support even of Democrats, which could open the door for a dark horse like Dennis to triumph. Only time will tell.

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