West Virginia GOP candidate attacks “swamp captain” McConnell

Mitch McConnell is not involved in the West Virginia Senate seat race, but you would not know it from recent attacks.

GOP senate candidate Don Blankenship is hitting McConnell with both barrels, even going so far as to call him the “Swamp Captain.”

Blankenship and McConnell

News buffs may remember Blankenship as the CEO of Massey Energy.

After more than two dozen coal miners were killed the Upper Big Branch mining disaster, Blankenship was eventually sent to jail for the disaster.

Blankenship was found guilty for voluntarily violating mine safety and health standards directly related to the explosion that caused the miners their lives.

However, then and now, Blankenship says it was actually the government regulators that were to blame.

He also contends there was a massive conspiracy in the Obama administration to create a governmental coverup and put his head on the chopping block.

On Senator McConnell, Blankenship stated, “Senator McConnell is not only a swamper – he is the swamp captain. His conflicted and anti-American positions are helping to bankrupt our country.”

Why McConnell?

It may seem an odd tactic to attack someone that is not even in the race, but it shows some brilliance on Blankenship’s part.

Recent polls have him losing ground to the other two contenders in the race.

That being the case, he is trying to tap into the “outsider” angle Trump used to win the presidency.

It is quite apparent DC leadership does not want Blankenship to win.

Groups that have regularly backed establishment candidates are pouring cash into the campaign to try to take down Blankenship so he is not the GOP candidate facing off against Senator Joe Manchin III.

This being one of the Democrat seats targeted by the GOP as being the most vulnerable, they want one of “their own” in the battle against Manchin.

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The two other leading candidates are Patrick Morrisey and Evan H. Jenkins.

At this point, the White House has not identified who it is backing, no doubt allowing nature to take its course before putting its cards on the table in this particular race.

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