House GOP file bill to block Biden’s pro-abortion executive orders

In response to the Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade in June, President Joe Biden issued a pair of executive orders that were clearly intended to sidestep the court’s ruling and continue to fund and protect abortions at the federal level and at taxpayer’s expense.

A group of 90 House Republicans, led by Rep. Andrew Clyde (R-GA), just filed legislation to block the funding and implementation of those pro-abortion executive orders from Biden, Breitbart reported.

The Protect the UNBORN Act

The bill, which has yet to be formally numbered, has been dubbed the Protect the UNBORN Act, which stands for “Undo the Negligent Biden Orders Right Now.”

“Congress cannot cowardly stand by as the leader of the free world wields his executive power to murder countless innocent unborn lives,” Rep. Clyde said in a statement Thursday. “In order to protect the precious unborn, we must block and defund the Biden Administration’s unconscionable, undemocratic, and unconstitutional Executive Orders.”

“As an unapologetic defender of the unborn, I’m proud to introduce this legislation to prevent taxpayer dollars from funding the Left’s radical abortion agenda, preserve the integrity of our nation’s highest court, and protect the sanctity of human life,” the Georgia Republican added.

Bill would block funding and implementation of Biden orders on abortion

Rep. Clyde’s bill is incredibly straightforward in that its stated purpose is “To prohibit the use of Federal funds to implement Executive Order relating to reproductive health services.”

To that effect, it simply declares that “No head of a Federal agency may carry out,” and “No Federal funds … may be used to implement, administer, or enforce,” two specific executive orders issued by President Biden in response to the Supreme Court’s ruling in June.

The first of those orders, Executive Order 14076 (Protecting Access to Reproductive Health Care), was issued in July and prompted a letter from Clyde and others that urged Biden to reconsider and retract that order and to refrain from issuing any additional orders on abortion.

Biden ignored that letter and took further action in August with Executive Order 14079 (Securing Access to Reproductive Health Care), which has now resulted in the legislation that seeks to block both of those executive orders.

Pro-life groups support legislation to block Biden’s orders

Breitbart reported that this newly-filed legislation has already received the support of several pro-life organizations, including Catholic Vote, the Family Research Council, and Heritage Action.

“The Dobbs decision was a major milestone in the fight for life, but it was only the first step in protecting the unborn,” Jessica Anderson, executive director of Heritage Action, said in a statement in the congressman’s press release. “The next steps include pushing for new protections for life at both the state and federal level, but they also must include pushing back against Biden administration actions aimed at circumventing state laws that protect life.

“Rep. Clyde’s legislation that would block President Biden’s pro-abortion executive orders is a good start on that front, and it should garner the support of all pro-life conservatives,” she added.

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