House GOP members send Biden letter urging him to take cognitive assessment test

There have been questions about President Joe Biden’s cognitive abilities and mental health since even before he was elected, and concerns have only grown over his first year in office.

Now a group of House Republicans has sent Biden a letter urging him to undergo a cognitive test and to make the results public for the American people, the Daily Mail reported.

The letter, written by former White House physician-turned-congressman Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-TX) and signed by 37 other House Republicans, is the second such written request of this sort, as a similar letter sent in June 2021 received no response from the president.

“We are worried about your cognitive and mental abilities.”

“We again write to you to express concern with your current cognitive state,” Rep. Jackson wrote to open the letter. “We believe that, regardless of gender, age, or political party, all Presidents should follow the example set by former President Trump to document and demonstrate sound mental abilities.”

It was noted that President Biden had undergone a routine physical exam in November 2021, but “you either did not have a cognitive test or those results were withheld from the public.” And, while the current White House physician had declared Biden to be physically fit, “we are worried about your cognitive and mental abilities.”

The lawmakers further pointed to recent polling from January that showed how nearly half the country believed that the president was mentally unfit, suggesting they were far from alone in raising questions and concerns about Biden’s cognitive state.

Signs of onset of Alzheimer’s?

One of the concerns about President Biden’s mental health is that he may be experiencing the onset of Alzheimer’s disease, and the House Republicans’ letter cited several specific examples of instances where Biden seemingly exhibited some of the ten primary signs of mental decline.

That would include inexplicable “changes in mood or personality” or being “easily upset,” becoming forgetful of basic things like names and numbers, as well as “confusion with time and place,” among other things, many of which have been displayed on one occasion or more by the 79-year-old president.

The American people should have absolute confidence in their President. They deserve to know that he or she can perform the duties of Head of State and Commander-in-Chief. They deserve full transparency on the mental capabilities of their highest elected leader. To achieve this, we urge you to submit to a cognitive test immediately. We implore you to then publish the test results, so the American people know the full mental and intellectual health of their President, and to follow the example set before you.

The “example” referenced in that letter was the Montreal Cognitive Assessment test that Jackson, as then-White House physician, had administered to former President Donald Trump — a test that Trump had agreed to take and had bragged about passing easily to undermine the left’s false narratives about his cognitive abilities and mental health status.

“Something isn’t right” with Joe Biden

In an email to Fox News to explain the reason behind the letter, Rep. Jackson said, “My colleagues and I are again asking President Biden to immediately undergo a formal cognitive screening exam, such as the Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MOCA).”

“As a former physician to three Presidents of the United States, I know what it takes mentally and physically to execute the duties of Commander-in-Chief and Head of State,” the congressman added. “Joe Biden has continually proven to me and to the world that something isn’t right. The American people deserve to have absolute confidence in their President’s cognitive ability.”

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