GOP attorneys general slam Sen. Harris over ‘dangerous and divisive’ criminal justice policy

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) has faced criticism from both sides of the aisle over her record as a prosecutor and positions on criminal justice reform, especially since she joined the Democratic presidential ticket as nominee Joe Biden’s running mate.

As one recent example, the Republican Attorneys General Association is bringing into question just how much the justice system could be impacted by Harris’ policies if Biden is elected next month, as reported by Breitbart.

“A danger to law and order”

GOP attorneys general delivered their message during a press conference this week.

According to Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes, Harris is “a danger to law and order because she refuses to condemn loudly and clearly the lawlessness and violence that has beset our nation.”

In remarks shortly before Wednesday’s vice-presidential debate, Reyes predicted that Vice President Mike Pence would present a stark contrast to the potential direction of a Biden-Harris administration.

His concerns were echoed by Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge, who slammed the “dangerous and divisive” positions supported by the senator.

“We need to defend not defund the police,” Rutledge said, referencing the rallying cry of some protesters over the past several months.

“You know what creates greater safety?”

As Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry argued, the matchup between Pence and Harris provided viewers with a “great contrast” between the “type of people they want running this country.”

Of course, the attorneys general are making arguments many on the right have voiced throughout the presidential campaign season.

During an interview in June, the then-contender for the running mate slot responded to growing calls for defunding law enforcement agencies, though her equivocal answer opened her up to even more backlash.

“The status quo has been to determine and create policy around the idea that more police equals more safety. And that’s just wrong,” Harris said at the time. “You know what creates greater safety? Funding our public schools, so that, currently, two-thirds of our public school teachers don’t have to come out of their own back pocket to pay for school supplies.”

While Biden has been a bit more direct in denouncing the most radical demands of protesters and activists, voters will be forgiven for any lingering doubts about what the justice system would look like if Democrats win the election.

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