Google employee found dead in office

Google employees were stunned at the news of one of their own passing this weekend.

Scott Krulcik, 22, was found dead at his work terminal at the Google offices in New York.

Mysterious Death

Krulcik was discovered by a janitor working at the company headquarters.

He was apparently working at his terminal when he mysteriously passed away.

EMS services were called and tried to do CPR on Krulcik as soon as they arrived.

It was quickly apparent Krulcik was beyond their help, though, and he was soon pronounced dead at the scene.

Reports stated there was no trauma on his body.

Authorities also stated there did not appear to be any signs of struggle or criminal intent.

Krulcik reportedly had no history of substance abuse and no medical conditions that would have caused such a sudden death.

The medical examiner’s office has yet to release a cause of death.


Friends, neighbors, and co-workers were caught completely off-guard by Krulcik’s death.

One neighbor stated, “He looked just like he did in his photos. Such a nice, young, vibrant man.”

Krulcik actually lived with one of his co-workers at Google.

The two were apparently the best of friends, but his roommate has yet to comment to the media about Krulcik’s death.

Krulcik got his career started at Google through an internship.

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Upon graduating with a degree in computer science, he did another internship, then was offered a permanent position with the company.

Social media accounts portrayed him as someone that was happy with his life, a life that was taken far too early.

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