Dem Rep. Golden calls out Biden hypocrisy on serving lobster at state dinner while regulating Maine industry ‘out of business’

President Joe Biden’s administration has imposed a bevy of new environmental regulations along the northeastern seaboard that are ostensibly intended to protect whales in the Atlantic Ocean but are, in effect, quite detrimental to the fishing industry and its members, particularly Maine’s lobstermen.

That is why even a Democratic congressman from Maine who is typically allied with President Biden felt compelled to call out the hypocrisy of the White House ordering 200 live lobsters from Maine to serve at a state dinner event, Breitbart reported.

Fresh Maine lobster on the menu

The White House played host on Thursday for an extravagant state dinner in honor of a visit by French President Emmanuel Macron, and as final preparations for that event were underway on Wednesday, the executive chefs of the White House gave the media a preview of what would be on the menu.

Executive chef Christeta Comerford revealed that one of the main entrees was butter-poached Maine lobster, and she said, “We want to honor as well our lobstermen from Maine who really have to work pretty hard because they had to ship 200 live lobsters to us yesterday morning to get it to this point.”

Hypocrisy highlighted

CNN reporter Kate Bennett also shared the news about the 200 live lobsters shipped in from Maine to be served as a main course at the state dinner, and her tweet caught the attention of Rep. Jared Golden (D-ME), the relatively moderate centrist who represents Maine’s predominately rural and Republican-leaning 2nd Congressional District.

Golden shared Bennett’s post and wrote, “If the Biden White House can prioritize purchasing 200 Maine lobsters for a fancy dinner, @POTUS should also take the time to meet with the Maine lobstermen his administration is currently regulating out of business.”

Biden admin, environmentalists crushing lobster industry

The congressman raised a valid point in highlighting the apparent hypocrisy of the White House enjoying the fruits of Maine lobstermen’s labor while simultaneously making the labor of those lobstermen more difficult and less profitable.

Breitbart pointed to a number of new regulations imposed by President Biden’s National Marine Fisheries Service within the Commerce Department that have severely restricted the sort of equipment the lobstermen can use to catch the delicacy and limited the season in which lobsters can be legally caught, again, ostensibly to help protect various species of whales that live in the Atlantic Ocean.

Those regulations played right into the hands of environmentalist activist groups that are intent on shutting down the fishing and lobster industries altogether, and have had some success in pressuring some retail grocers, such as Whole Foods, to no longer purchase Maine lobsters, which has only further compounded the industry’s troubles.

Indeed, it was just two weeks ago that the entire Maine delegation, comprised of Democrats, independents, and Republicans, led by Gov. Janet Mills (D), issued a statement that noted that the Maine lobster industry posed no real danger to whales and decried the fact that industry regulators and retailers had “wrongly and blindly decided to follow the recommendations of misguided environmental groups rather than science.”

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