Gold Star Mom rips Kaepernick during Independence Day speech

Colin Kaepernick claims to be oppressed, but he made millions playing football and has made millions more as a Nike spokesperson.

The same can’t be said of the son of Amanda Jacobs, who recently blasted the National Anthem protester and reminded him that her son tragically died for his country while making a mere $14,000 a year.

Protesting America

Colin Kaepernick has become more famous for protesting against America than he did for anything he accomplished on the football field.

While made a big splash after entering the league, he quickly fizzled out after teams caught on to his predictable game.  When his football career started to die, Kaepernick decided to become a social injustice warrior.

After being seen kneeling during the anthem, Kaepernick was appointed to be the conscience of America. Suddenly, he was given a microphone to chastise the rest of America with, despite never having sacrificed anything for his country.

When Kaepernick called Nike out for selling a patriotic sneaker with the Betsy Ross Flag on it, it was just too much for most people to take.

Calling Out Kaepernick

The fact Kaepernick thinks the Betsy Ross Flag is racist shows just how ignorant he really is about this country’s history.

That ignorance was apparently too much to take for Amanda Jacobs. Ms. Jacobs’s son, Marine Lance Corporal Christopher Phoenix-Jacob Levy, died for his country. The Corporal was making a mere $14,000 a year when his life was taken.

She compared that to the “$14 million a year to throw the ball” Kaepernick was being paid for playing in the NFL.

It is unlikely Kaepernick will ever comment on the words said by this Gold Star mother or even try to talk to her because he is a fraud and a coward.

Nike gave the wrong person a voice when they chose Kaepernick, it’s that simple. The company could have chosen true warriors in men and women that have actually shed blood on the field of battle rather than a playing field.

Nike make its decision, now we will make ours… #BoycottNike.

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