‘Basketball Wives’ star Gloria Govan arrested for child endangerment after custody dispute with ex-husband

The former wife of a former NBA player, who herself was a star of the aptly named Basketball Wives program on VH1, is now facing a felony charge of child endangerment after a heated disagreement over child custody with her ex.

Gloria Govan was arrested and charged with felony child endangerment after she chased down and used her vehicle to block the route of a vehicle driven by her ex-husband — retired NBA player Matt Barnes — while the split couple’s children were in Barnes’ vehicle.

According to Fox News, Govan was arrested Friday afternoon when police were called to intervene in a dispute over child custody. She was released on Saturday after posting a $100,000 bond.

Children placed at risk

TMZ first reported that the altercation began outside of the school that Govan and Barne’s twin 9-year-old boys attend. Both parents apparently arrived to pick them up for the long Labor Day weekend, even though it was Barnes’ scheduled weekend with the boys, per the divorced couple’s child custody agreement.

Govan had arrived at the school early and already had the children in her vehicle when Barnes arrived. He told the children to get into his vehicle, which they did.

But that reportedly enraged Govan, who proceeded to scream and curse at Barnes and follow his vehicle, ultimately pulling in front of it to block its path.

The police were then called to the scene and, once Barnes displayed the child custody paperwork to the officers, he was allowed to proceed with the children while Govan was placed under arrest for endangering the children and violating a court order with her reckless actions.

A tumultuous relationship

TMZ reported that the divorce between Govan and Barnes had been “bitter,” likely due to Barnes’ suspicions that Govan had been seeing one of his former teammates with the Los Angeles Lakers, Derek Fisher.

Govan and Fisher are now reportedly engaged to be married.

TMZ noted that whatever bad blood there may have once been between Barnes and Fisher seems to have passed, as Barnes actually congratulated his former teammate on the engagement to his ex-wife. But it seems that there is still something of a feud going on between Barnes and Govan, at least as it relates to their children.

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Despite there being a court-arranged child custody agreement between Govan and Barnes that specified when the divorced couple’s children would stay with each parent, Govan attempted to deny Barnes his weekend with the boys and keep them for herself.

But Barnes would have none of that, and once Govan decided to place the children at risk by using her vehicle in an unsafe manner to block Barnes from leaving with the boys, the police would have none of it either. Hopefully, she is held to account for her dangerous behavior.

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