Glenn Beck unleashes list of 10 times Biden has turned 'dictator'

 February 16, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

One of the big talking points for Democrats over recent years has been that Republicans, especially President Donald Trump, are a threat to "democracy."

That would be anyone concerned about massive fraud-prone mail-in ballots for elections. Or allowing a leftist like Mark Zuckerberg to hand out $400 million to election officials when he wanted to influence the results. Or those concerned about election interference by the FBI, which in 2020 advised media corporations to suppress very accurate, and very damaging, information about the Biden family's "influence peddling" business that brought them tens of millions of dollars.

However, television and radio personality and popular commentator Glenn Beck has compiled a list of 10 times that it was Joe Biden who took the role of a dictator.

In America.

Often stepping on the constitutionally protected rights of Americans.

It was Twitchy that compiled the list and noted, "Twitchy readers, we know you know that everything the Democrats accuse Republicans of doing or being is often a projection of who they are or what they're up to. Case in point, Democrats have been working very hard to pretend Trump was or will be a dictator AND that somehow our democracy is at stake if we don't vote for Biden.

"Yeah, it's dumb. Democrats are gonna Democrats though. Glenn Beck was good enough to put a thread together showing who the real dictator is and it's not Trump."

Beck added an extra, based on the multiple civil and criminal cases Democrat prosecutors have assembled against Trump in recent months, all coming together for "trial" just as the 2024 election campaign is getting underway.

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