Pennsylvania AG candidate calls on incumbent to ‘step aside’ over ‘glaring conflict of interest’

With a victor still not declared in Pennsylvania, some are urging one state official to call his involvement in the process quits.

Breitbart reports that the Republican candidate running to unseat Josh Shapiro, the Democrat attorney general of Pennsylvania, has called on him to “step aside” from his role overseeing the election after he made some controversial remarks that left many questioning his motives.

“Need help?”

As Breitbart noted, Shapiro has made a number of statements right in the heat of election season that can only be described as partisan.

It started last Saturday, when Shapiro declared in a tweet that “[i]f all the votes are added up” in Pennsylvania, “[President Donald] Trump is going to lose.” The message sparked a swift backlash, and a White House spokesperson even accused the Keystone State’s AG of trying to put his “thumb on the scale one direction or the other,” as Breitbart reported separately.

But even that wasn’t enough to slow Shapiro down. On Election Day, the Pennsylvania attorney general put out a tweet encouraging voters to turn to Democrats if they needed “help” casting their ballots.

“Step aside”

Now, Heather Heidelbaugh, the Republican hoping to take over Shapiro’s role as Pennsylvania AG, is urging him to “step aside” from election matters.

“I am calling on Josh Shapiro to appoint a trusted and impartial deputy to oversee any legal questions and disputes in which that office might play a role concerning this election,” Heidelbaugh wrote in a statement posted to her Facebook page.

“The outcome of these elections in Pennsylvania must not be muddled with this glaring conflict of interest,” she added. “Again, I urge Josh Shapiro to step aside and put an end to flagrant partiality inherent in his dual roles.”

Heidelbaugh also said “Shapiro cannot be seen as having his thumb on the scale, acting in the dual roles of legal arbiter of the vote and a candidate deeply invested in its outcome.”

The latest

Of course, there’s no sign yet that Shapiro is planning to “step aside.” And Democratic Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf made things even worse for his party on Wednesday by claiming that there are “millions” of mail-in ballots still to be counted, as Breitbart noted.

Trump is ahead in Pennsylvania as of Thursday morning, but there’s still no telling which way the key swing state will go. The Trump campaign has reportedly taken legal action to intervene in the ongoing vote count.

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