Meghan Markle’s father says Prince Harry told him to ‘give Trump a chance’

Prince Harry may have just turned the political world on its ear with five simple words.

While discussing politics, Megan Markle’s father Thomas Markle says Prince Harry told him to “give Donald Trump a chance.”


Thomas Markle’s comments were first aired on Good Morning Britain.

Meghan Markle’s father was discussing a conversation he had with Prince Harry.

While not agreeing with the prince, Markle stated, “I sort of disagreed with that, but I still like Harry, that’s his politics, I had my politics.”

Of course, the comment by the prince is getting even more traction because of zero-tolerance immigration policy enacted by the Trump administration.

As a royal with absolutely no chance of ever taking the crown, Harry’s role is to pretty much keep his mouth shut, remain apolitical, and smile nicely for the cameras when appearing in public.

His comments no doubt caused a collective eyebrow to be raised at the Palace.

Open Mindset

This is not the first time Harry has created controversy over a political comment.

After the BREXIT movement was successful, Harry made a similar comment.

While those looking to stir up problems are lining Harry up with conservatives, they may want to pump the brakes just a bit.

More than likely, Harry is just simply telling them not to condemn something and accept public opinion so quickly.

His opinion on Trump is a perfect example of that.

All he is suggesting is to have an open mind and allow the person, or policy, to play itself out, then form an opinion about it.

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As we know, though, the Trump name is a five-letter dirty word around the globe right now.

That being said, Markle may have just inadvertently created some significant problems for his royal son-in-law.

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