Rudy Giuliani: Trump will sit for Mueller interview ‘over my dead body’

Rumors has it that Special Counsel Robert Mueller wants to get President Donald Trump to sit down and do an in-person interview with him.

But the president’s attorney, Rudy Giuliani, assured us on a Sunday appearance on Fox News that that will only happen “over my dead body.”

Shady Tactics

Giuliani made the comment during a recent interview with Fox News’ Chris Wallace.

If you have not yet seen the interview, Wallace did his best to confuse Giuliani and viewers by quickly jumping time frames and topics.

Giuliani did not fall for it, however, and did his best to protect the president from what he believes are lies being told by both his former lawyer, Michael Cohen, and the media.

When it came time to discuss Trump sitting down with Mueller, Giuliani was adamant that would never happen.

This is because of tactics that have been used by Mueller’s team during their entire investigation into alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

Since it was recently revealed that former national security adviser Michael Flynn was duped into agreeing that he had made false statements, Giuliani has no intention of letting Mueller’s goons get ahold of the president.

Always Attacking Trump

Another major focus of the interview between Wallace and Giuliani was if Trump lied — or if he thought Flynn had lied — during his testimony.

Wallace kept referring to a tweet Trump had sent out after the entire world was told Flynn had lied.

In the tweet, Trump stated he was upset about losing Flynn but since he lied, there was no option other than to let him go.

More recently, Trump sent out a tweet sticking up for Flynn and criticizing the FBI and the Mueller team for their conduct toward Flynn.

While Wallace tried to paint the picture of the president giving conflicting statements, Giuliani tried to set the story straight.

The fact is: the president and the rest of America only knew what had been told by investigators and the media regarding Flynn.

To that point, every bit of information we had was that Flynn had lied and been caught.

Now, it appears Flynn may have been duped and some documents were faked to get Flynn indicted.

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Wallace, however, did not even touch on that information — he just twisted the same narrative the media has been trying to sell us for almost two years now.

We could not agree more with Giuliani, because Trump would have to be out of his mind to trust Mueller at this point and sit down for an interview. He should steer clear of the Mueller fiasco.

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