Giuliani says Mueller’s investigation deserves to be investigated as well

There are times in life when the hunter becomes the hunted and the predator becomes prey, and in those moments, when the targeter finds himself targeted can be incredibly panic-inducing — perhaps even to the point of causing a heart attack.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller may very well have felt his heart skip a beat this week when he heard one of President Donald Trump’s top attorneys, Rudy Giuliani, suggest that the Democrat-heralded anti-Trump investigator was worthy of being investigated for his own wrongdoings as well.

Investigate the investigator

Giuliani recently suggested to Buck Sexton and John Solomon of The Hill that 2019 could see something of a reversal in that Mueller may soon find himself on the wrong end of a government investigation.

“Mueller should be investigated for destruction of evidence for allowing those text messages from Strzok to be erased, messages that would show the state of mind and tactics of his lead anti-Trump FBI agent at the start of his probe,” Giuliani said.

The former New York City mayor was referencing the revelation from the Justice Department inspector general that thousands of text messages between former FBI agent Peter Strozk and former FBI lawyer Lisa Page had been erased during the time period in which both overtly anti-Trump individuals were working for the Mueller investigation.

“That should be investigated, damn it, that should be investigated fully. You want a special counsel, get one for that,” Giuliani added.

Destruction of evidence

Asked whether the erasure of the texts was intentional or merely a mistake, Giuliani referenced the destruction of evidence by former President Richard Nixon’s secretary during the Watergate scandal to make his point about how significant this was.

“It’s actually worse than Rose Mary Woods,” Giuliani said. “She erased less than 19 minutes of conversation, but the FBI got rid of more than 19,000 messages.”

He also suggested that Mueller’s team should be investigated for making use of the “piece of garbage” anti-Trump dossier as a foundation for the investigation, as it remains unverified and has been shown to have been funded by Hillary Clinton and Democrats for obviously partisan purposes.

“Do I think that is improper? Yeah, that borders on — that sounds to me a lot more like a false statement than some of the ones they charged,” said Giuliani.

Giuliani also made it clear that, at least from his perspective, the president was done cooperating with Mueller.

“They have everything they need unless they just want to set a perjury trap,” he said. As to the overall “Russian collusion” investigation itself, Giuliani added: “We’re now four degrees of separation from the original mandate of the investigation, which was collusion which did not occur.”

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It sure does look like Mueller’s team destroyed evidence and obstructed justice as part of an increasingly meandering investigation that has shifted far afield from its original stated purpose.

For that, perhaps the investigator does need to be investigated — after all, if he’s done nothing wrong, he’s got nothing to worry about, right?

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