Giuliani EXPOSES Massive Democrat Coverup

This is amazing…

Rudy Giuliani has been crucified by the liberal media over his involvement with the Ukraine phone call “scandal” they invented. And Rudy isn’t having it.

In an interview with Fox News, Giuliani blasted Democrats for trying to protect Biden from the consequences of his crimes.

Giuliani told Howard Kurtz the following:

“If it were a Republican the Washington press corps, including you Howard, would have gone crazy. We would have had three months of investigations of that. Instead, when it happens with Biden they cover it up… They cover up the people they like… They are now going after me personally. Because they want to get me, the messenger so they don’t have to deal with their honey-boy Biden.”

Undoubtedly, “honey-boy Biden” is going to be a new nickname used by Trump if Biden gets the Democrat nomination for president.

Needless to say, Giuliani is right about how Democrats are treating him. Even though Democrats like to pretend that the whole Ukraine “scandal” is about protecting national security – it’s really just about protecting Biden.

We all know Biden is corrupt. He admitted it in a tape. He told everyone that he was involved in the decision to have Ukraine’s Attorney General fired for investigating his son.

It’s time to get real. To go after Giuliani and Trump for looking into the allegations against Biden is absolutely wrong.

When President Trump and his personal attorney looked into allegations of corruption – that wasn’t a bad thing… regardless of what the liberal media says.

Democrats have messed up big time on this issue. The more they try to accuse Trump of wrongdoing, the more obvious that it is they are covering for Biden and his crime family.

All that’s left now is to sit back and watch Democrats lose the 2020 presidential election.

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