Giuliani says Barr’s failure to investigate voter fraud led to unrest over the election

Former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani has laid some of the blame for the Capitol riot at the feet of former Attorney General William Barr for failing to investigate the election, the Washington Examiner reported.

Donald Trump’s former attorney general made a splash when he said that Trump’s questioning of the election is what “precipitated” the storming of the Capitol by Trump supporters. Giuliani responded to this by saying it was Barr’s failure to investigate the legitimate concerns over election fraud that ultimately caused the unrest.

“The real cause of the violence, I think, if you want something other than antifa, is Bill Barr not investigating. If the people are angry, they are angry that these crimes have gone unredressed, and we’ve gone two years with crimes unredressed,” Giuliani said.

Failure to investigate

Barr’s time as attorney general is generally recognized as a time where no major investigations were concluded.

Giuliani even went as far as to say that Barr’s conduct as attorney general was “treacherous.” Barr particularly failed to hold the FBI accountable for its role in propagating the Russian collusion hoax.

Giuliani may be correct in saying that the most significant factor in enraging Trump’s supporters was the Justice Department’s complete unwillingness to investigate allegations of voter fraud.

Had Barr launched an investigation that explained for each instance of alleged fraud, Trump’s supporters may not have gone into such a rage. Trump’s supporters feel betrayed by the system, and people who have nothing to lose are prone to drastic action.

Polarization worsening

Barr’s weakness damaged the American people’s faith in an already suspect Justice Department, and now social unrest is more common than ever.

Barr’s failure to investigate the election led to distrust that, despite the inauguration of Democrat Joe Biden, will not be going anywhere.

Biden promised that with unseating Trump he would return America back to normal times. That promise has no chance of being fulfilled as this election cycle left everyone angry.

Democrats begrudgingly accepted Biden as their presidential candidate out of pure necessity. The inauguration of Biden will do nothing to end the developing schism in the Democratic Party.

While Democrats prepare to engage in an ideological civil war, Republicans who are furious with the results of the elections are digging in for the next four years. There will be no healing and Biden’s presidency will be even more divisive than Trumps.

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