Ex-Giuliani associate demands Barr recusal from probe

Lev Parnas, the man that allegedly helped Giuliani oust U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Maria Yovanovitch, has made quite the splash in recent days with a litany of new accusations against the Trump administration.

Now, Parnas’ lawyers are demanding that Attorney General Bill Barr recuse himself from any Justice Department probe related to the former Giuliani associate. 

The long game

The liberal mainstream media has latched onto Parnas’ narrative as their new holy grail. Parnas is a lowlife that for some reason, Giuliani decided to buddy up to, which isn’t a good look for the Trump administration.

This is the same man that took pictures from a fundraiser photo-op and tried to pawn them off as proof of being an insider in the Trump administration.

Parnas wound up being indicted for unrelated campaign finance violations, having been charged with funneling excessive donations and foreign donations to campaign accounts of various candidates.

As a way to protect himself, Parnas recently stated that both Vice President Mike Pence and Attorney General Barr were all in on what Giuliani was allegedly doing in Ukraine.

Mind you, Parnas has no proof, but he insists they had to know what was going on. As it turns out, he was probably making such allegations to make this specific request of Barr.

Parnas’ lawyers stated, “Due to the conflict of interest of your being involved in these matters as Attorney General, and in an effort to preserve the public trust in the rule of law, we request that you recuse yourself and allow the appointment of a special prosecutor from outside the Department of Justice to handle this case.”

Not gonna happen

This is a great attempt at moving the news cycle, but it is not going to work. Barr has been adamant he knew nothing of Giuliani’s dealings in Ukraine.

Furthermore, when Trump brought up Barr’s name during a phone call with Ukraine’s president, Barr made an immediate public statement reprimanding Trump for even mentioning his name in the conversation.

Parnas is going down and nothing short of a miracle is going to stop that from happening, no matter how much he tries to implicate the Trump administration in his own shady dealings.

The Daily Caller reported that “prosecutors […] have indicated that more charges could be coming against the Florida-based businessman, who has pleaded not guilty in his case.”

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