7-year-old girl dies in Border Patrol custody after dad allegedly lied about her health

The media is perpetrating yet another lie to the American people. After a 7-year-old girl died while in custody of the U.S. Border Patrol, the story was told in such a way that made it look as though it was the Border Patrol’s fault — but that was not the case.

Her father was transporting, but not feeding, his sick child, and subsequently failed to report her illness to authorities.

What Really Happened

The young girl and her father were part of a massive group of migrants who entered the United States illegally.

The spot where they entered the country had limited staff on duty to process the undocumented immigrants.

As agents were working their way through the group, the girl’s father was asked whether the girl had any medical needs they should know about.

His answer was no.

After hearing this, agents went on to follow protocol, which requires the processing of unaccompanied minors first.

Meanwhile, the man and his daughter waited for their hours-long ride to be processed.

All the while, the girl was sick and not being tended to — but the father didn’t do anything about it.

Tragedy Strikes

Once on the bus, the girl’s health significantly declined, so border agents called ahead for doctors to be ready to care for her.

But she suddenly stopped breathing during the ride, prompting agents to administer CPR.

They then called for air transportation to get her to the hospital.

She reportedly stopped breathing again, only to once again be resuscitated by the crew.

The little girl eventually succumbed to her illness.

Keep in mind, Trump had warned of public health concerns that could be caused by the migrant caravan.

And It Gets Worse…

Reports alleged that the girl died from liver failure and brain swelling, none of which was aided by her father’s failure to provide food and water.

While tragic, the death of this child was not on Border Patrol, but rather a father that was irresponsible on several fronts.

He is the one that decided to drag his daughter through the desert with no supplies.

He is the one that neglected to feed his daughter.

He is the one that neglected to tell authorities that his daughter was not feeling well.

This is the danger of people taking their children and trying to get into the country illegally.

This is something that could have been avoided completely if her father had followed the legal process to enter the U.S.

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It is also something that could have been avoided had he alerted authorities to her illness during the initial interview.

That is the true story — and one that most mainstream media outlets will never print.

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