Ruth Bader Ginsburg working from home after suffering broken ribs

After Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg fell and broke several ribs, questions started to arise if she would continue working or finally consider retirement.

The Public Information Office of the Supreme Court answered that question, stating that while recovering, Ginsburg will be working from home.

The Injury

Last week, the internet just about exploded with the news Ginsburg had taken a bad fall.

At first, it was not believed to be overly serious.

Ginsburg just shut it down for the day and went home to rest.

However, after several hours of discomfort, she decided it was best to go to the hospital.

After being examined, Ginsburg was found to have several broken ribs and admitted to the hospital for observation.

Even though the two have had their differences over the last three years, President Trump sent a “get well” message to Ginsburg.

He even stated that he hoped she would be able to serve on the court for many years to come, no doubt catching Justice Ginsburg and all liberals off guard.

Still Recovering

Broken ribs are painful at any age.

But, at 85, recovering must be especially difficult, especially for someone like Ginsburg.

Not one to ever miss time on the court, however, Ginsburg “continues to improve and is working from home this morning,” Supreme Court spokeswoman Kathy Arberg said on Tuesday.

The injury forced Ginsburg to miss the investiture ceremony for new Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

While the injury itself is obviously horrible for Ginsburg, the timing actually works out to her benefit.

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The court is currently not hearing any arguments.

In fact, Ginsburg will more than likely be able to remain home for at least another week, as arguments do not resume until after Thanksgiving.

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