Justice Ginsburg will continue to work from home, missing oral arguments

Earlier this week, the Supreme Court released some very positive news about Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

According to numerous reports, the 85-year-old justice is cancer free and recovering at home. But while recovering, she will continue to work from home until she is healthy enough to return to the bench — which means she will be missing oral arguments on several upcoming cases before the Supreme Court. 

Work-from-Home Justice

While there is much ado among the press about Ginsburg working from home, the practice is not unprecedented.

But Ginsburg isn’t just working from home after surgery.

Most feel she will continue to have health problems, due to her age, and her missing time on the bench for a prolonged period is creating an argument there should be mandatory term limit or retirement age for Supreme Court justices.

Some have also brought up the fact that she has now been missing two full weeks of arguments during her recovery.

There is something to be said for hearing the actual arguments rather than reading transcripts and summaries of the arguments at home.

More Rumors

Not surprisingly, rumors have started to run rampant that there may be else something wrong with Ginsburg that hasn’t been reported — but Ginsburg has no one to blame but herself for those rumors.

While recovering from the initial rib injury, Ginsburg stated that she was just about all healed up.

The very next day, reports surfaced she was back in the hospital to have cancerous nodules removed from her lung.

Many people felt as though she was hiding her illness to prevent speculation she should retire.

Now, an alternative media publication has published a report alleging that Ginsburg may have pneumonia.

This was picked up by several other outlets, many of whom are reporting it as actual fact rather than an assumption or an uncorroborated report.

To be clear, Ginsburg’s camp has stated she is completely healthy and free from cancer.

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The only reason she is still not on the bench, they say, is that she has not yet fully recovered from the procedure that removed cancer from her lungs.

According to the Supreme Court release and her spokespeople, we should be seeing Justice Ginsburg back on the bench in the very near future. But only time will tell.

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