Law professor says Ruth Bader Ginsburg should have retired earlier: ‘We shouldn’t be in this position’

Some high-profile liberals are starting to get antsy about Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Daniel Epps, who is an associate professor at Washington University School of Law, said it was a mistake for Ginsburg to try to hold onto her post for so long — especially when it’s unclear when another Democrat president will be in office to appoint a replacement for her.

“We shouldn’t be in this position where the future of certain policies turn on whether this old woman is healthy or not,” he said.

Did He Really Say That?

Epps said the Notorious RBG’s time is waning down — and he’s not sure she can last another 5 years on the high court.

“Given that she wants her vision of the law to prevail, it was a mistake to hang in there indefinitely,” Epps told The Hill. “If she stays for five more years from now, that’s 2023. Even if there’s a Democratic president elected in 2020, it’s quite possible that Republicans might control the Senate in 2023.”

But did Epps really call Justice Ginsburg an “old woman” and not expect his fellow liberals to jump down this throat?

The simple answer to that is no — because many of them agree with him.

There is a significant clan of liberals who believe Ginsburg should have retired early in Barack Obama’s second term.

Had she done that, Obama would have been able to name another liberal justice to replace her.

But that did not happen.

More than likely, the reason was that Democrats thought they had an easy win in 2016.

Trump’s win turned their entire plan upside down.

The Future of the Supreme Court

As it stands, conservative ideology holds a 5-4 edge on the Supreme Court.

But with Ginsburg’s age and recent health scares, she will more than likely be the next justice to step down.

If she were to do that before Trump leaves office, conservatives would end up holding a 6-3 edge on the Court, something that may take decades for liberals to reverse.

Based on Ginsburg’s recent comments, though, it does not sound as though she has any plans on turning in her robe anytime soon.

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She recently stated she expects to be on the court for at least four to five more years, maybe longer.

Regardless, it is pretty amusing watching liberals squirm as the reality of Trump naming her replacement becomes more possible with every passing day.

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