Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg set to return to Supreme Court bench this week

It appears that the rumors that Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg had passed away were just that: far-fetched rumors.

For weeks pundits have been spouting off that she would be retiring, but RBG is expected to take back her spot on the bench this week.

Adjusted Schedule Expected

Ginsburg picked the right week to come back to work, as the week will be a bit shorter with Presidents’ Day on the calendar.

This week, there are only expected to be two 60-minute sessions on the court.

When sessions resume on Tuesday, Ginsburg is expected to be back in her usual position on the bench, a spot from which she has been absent for the last several months due to an injury that occurred late last year.

In the autumn of 2018, RBG took a bad fall in her chambers and ended up breaking a couple of ribs.

During a doctor’s examination following that fall, it was discovered that the justice had cancerous nodules on her left lung.

Ginsburg underwent surgery to have them removed and has been recovering at — and working from — home ever since.

Rumors Become Fake News

Several pundits, including CNN’s Sebastian Gorka, have put themselves out on a limb in recent weeks claiming they had inside sources that revealed Ginsburg would be stepping down following her health struggles.

Gorka even claimed he had sources close to the justice that had personally spoken to her who told him she was going to retire after this latest health scare.

But Gorka has now put himself in the class of many of the CNN reporters who have run with stories without actually verifying their validity.

RBG has been adamant she will continue to serve through at least 2020 and reportedly already has clerks signed on through that term.

In all likelihood, any “insider” information that Gorka and his colleagues come forward with from this point on will be treated as nothing but rumors. As they clearly should.

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