Justice Ginsburg roasts SCOTUS hearings as ‘highly partisan show’

A bomb was just dropped on both Democrats and Republicans over the confirmation hearings for Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

Of all people, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg blasted the proceedings, calling them a “highly partisan show.”

Take a look:

The Way It Should Be

While Ginsburg has no friends in conservative circles, her comments have gained bipartisan support.

The biggest point she made in her talk was that was in past years, partisan politics weren’t at all ay play when it came to selecting Supreme Court justices.

This is not to say that conservative presidents didn’t nominate conservative justices, because they did.

However, the only factor that seemed to be important to the senators who were supposed to confirm the potential justices in past years was if the nominees could do the job — period.

The Way It Is

Unfortunately, the election of Donald Trump changed the way everything is conducted in Washington.

Democrats are no longer willing to listen to the merits of a potential justice.

Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) may have been the biggest culprit to date.

Rather than ask Kavanaugh questions, he went on a rant about his “Spartacus moment.”

Booker even publicly released what he called “confidential” documents — although he failed to mention that the documents had already been declassified.

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Get It Right

Had Kavanaugh been nominated by a previous president, there is little doubt he would have sailed through his confirmation hearings.

Much like Ginsburg noted, in the old days, justices were confirmed with unanimous or near-unanimous votes.

Today, a Trump-nominated justice needs to have party numbers in his or her favor if there is any hope of being confirmed.

What a shame.

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