Ginsburg absent from Supreme Court arguments for third day

The drama surrounding Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg continues.

Ginsburg has now missed three consecutive days on the bench for the first time since she joined the Supreme Court.

Perfect Record

To this point, Ginsburg had a perfect attendance record on the Supreme Court bench.

What makes this so amazing is her medical history.

Ginsburg has had two recent medical scares.

First, there was a fall that resulted in some broken ribs.

That injury then revealed she had cancerous nodules on her lung, which were surgically removed, and is the reason she is currently at home.

Prior to these injuries, though, Ginsburg has had some previous scares.

She fell once before, also resulting in broken ribs.

Ginsburg has also had two previous bouts with cancer.

During all of those three previous health scares, Ginsburg never once missed oral arguments.

Working from Home

While Ginsburg has not been able to make it to the bench, she is reportedly working from home.

She is currently receiving briefs and transcripts of the oral arguments in the Supreme Court.

Ginsburg will continue to do so until she is healthy enough to return to the bench in person.

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Most Americans do not consider being a Supreme Court Justice a work-from-home position, so there has been a revived debate about mandatory retirement for our justices.

Democrats are, of course, completely opposed to that … or at least they will be until the same scenario happens with a conservative-leaning justice.

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