Justice Ginsburg makes first public appearance since her cancer surgery last year

On Monday night, Justice Ginsburg surprised Americans with her first public appearance since undergoing surgery to remove cancerous nodules from her left lung in December.

RBG attended a concert in her honor in Washington, D.C., performed by her daughter-in-law, soprano and composer Patrice Michaels.

Out and About

Ginsburg chose quite an event to reintroduce herself to the American people. After spending more than a month secluded in recovery, the justice attended a concert at the National Museum of Women in the Arts.

Since the sponsor of the event did not allow photography, there are no pictures of the 85-year-old justice enjoying the show.

The final song of the show, however, was a tribute to RBG. When Michaels introduced the song, she stated the song would “bring our show to a close, but not the epic and notorious story of RBG.”

Still Recovering

While Ginsburg did make an appearance, it still remains unclear when she will actually return to the bench. In the meantime, as previously reported, Ginsburg is expected to continue to work from home.

Ginsburg’s son, James, however, made it quite clear to the media his mother is doing great during her recovery.

According to James, the liberal icon is meeting up with her personal trainer several times a week. Additionally, she gets out to walk about a mile every day.

This is the first time Ginsburg has ever missed oral arguments in her more than two decades serving as a Justice.

Her record is actually quite remarkable, considering she has had two prior bouts with cancer as well as having previously broken her ribs.

While some outlets have reported Ginsburg is going to retire, the justice has yet to offer any support to those reports.

As far as we know, she plans on getting back on the bench as soon as she gets the thumbs up from her doctors.

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