Report: Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg makes first public appearances in weeks

There has been much speculation regarding the health and well-being of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg since she underwent surgery in December to remove cancerous growths from her lungs, which has kept her at home in recovery and out of the public eye.

But TMZ reported on Monday that the 85-year-old justice was spotted slowly walking through the Reagan International Airport near Washington on Monday, surrounded by what appeared to be several security agents.

RBG spotted at Washington airport?

As Ginsburg walked along, flanked by her security team, she was asked how she was doing. Her response? “Just fine.”

She was also asked for her thoughts on the success of the recently released documentary about her, titled RBG, but she offered no audible reply to that query.

Take a look:

But while TMZ’s short snippet of video was touted far and wide as the long-awaited evidence of Ginsburg’s current health status, many remained skeptical of the clip, citing striking similarities between it and other footage that was initially published in April 2018.

Indeed, more than a few folks in the comment section expressed disbelief in the recent claim from TMZ. Ginsburg was wearing the exact same outfit as in the video from 2018, from the scarf to the jacket to even her pants and shoes, and she walked through the same airport.

Back on the bench

All of that may be moot, however, because regardless of whether the TMZ video was new or just a rehashed old clip, Ginsburg did appear at the Supreme Court to sit for oral arguments on Tuesday, according to a report from NPR.

Though Ginsburg missed arguments throughout January for the first time since she took her seat on the bench 25 years ago, she was reportedly working from home by reviewing transcripts and briefs while she recovered.

The elderly jurist was also spotted at the court on Friday, where she met with her fellow justices in a private conference to discuss their plans for the upcoming session.

Ginsburg, who reportedly has no plans to retire while President Donald Trump is in office, has progressed well in her recovery, according to reports. She is said to be walking more than a mile each day and has resumed her twice-weekly workouts with her personal trainer to stay in shape.

Indeed, it appears that Ginsburg has defeated cancer for the third time in 20 years, and she will no doubt continue to serve on the court as long as she believes she is capable of doing so.

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