Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg to be honored as subject of new opera: Report

There is no denying that Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is held up as a vaunted liberal icon by many on the left — and it looks like that isn’t changing any time soon.

An opera centered around the 86-year-old justice will reportedly be the feature act of the first night of the 57th annual Cabrillo Festival of Contemporary Music in Santa Cruz, CA.

RBG: Operatic heroine

The RBG-centered opera will be the world premiere of a new symphonic work by a composer named Kristin Kuster, titled “When There Are Nine.”

The opera is said to be based on the accomplishments Justice Ginsburg achieved throughout her life, and will feature the voices of mezzo-soprano Jaime Barton and an ensemble known as Roomful of Teeth.

Broadway World reported that the Cabrillo Festival is the longest-running festival featuring orchestral music in the nation.

Under the third year of direction by music director and conductor Christian Macelaru, this year’s festival appears to have a focus on women and social justice.

“Music should and must play a leading role in opening direct and compelling dialogue to achieve a more enlightened social narrative,” Macelaru explained.

The festival is scheduled to run from July 28 to Aug. 11.

Just the latest tribute

This is just the latest instance of Justice Ginsburg being memorialized in some form or fashion by her fans and supporters.

Ginsburg was recently the subject of two separate “documentary” films about her life, and even made a bizarre cameo in a children’s movie about LEGOs.

This also isn’t the first time Ginsburg has been honored with song, as she was the subject of a full-length, nine-song album titled “Notorious RBG in Song,” which was performed by Patrice Michaels, Ginsburg’s daughter-in-law.

Conservatives may not understand why the left seems to hold Ginsburg on quite a high pedestal, but so be it. The rest of us will focus on the justices that actually rule in favor of the Constitution.

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