Ginsburg hits new low, says pregnant women are NOT mothers

It was hard to imagine something so vile came out of the mouth of a Justice on the Supreme Court, but it happened.

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg fell to an all-time low by claiming pregnant women are not mothers.

The Abortion Debate

The slew of new abortion laws being introduced in many red states has once again re-energized the abortion debate in this country.

The legislation that created the most-recent uproar was the Indiana abortion legislation put in place just prior to Pence leaving for his Vice President duties.

Justice Thomas penned an eloquent opinion slamming abortion as well as citing “20th-century eugenics movement” ideals that want to eliminate children simply because of race, sex, or disabilities.

In essence, they are advocating for creating the perfect race of people.

Ginsburg wrote a dissenting opinion, stating, “(A) woman who exercises her constitutionally protected right to terminate a pregnancy is not a ‘mother.’”

Science Backs Thomas

While RBG can argue when someone technically becomes a mother, the scientific conclusion makes a definitive claim as to when motherhood begins.

Since conception begins the life cycle of the child, she is a mother at that moment.

You don’t get to “identify” when you are a mother, just as you should not be able to identify your gender. Science is specific about both instances.

What RBG is doing is trying to temper the atrocity of abortion with a more mild-mannered term. Children in the womb are not children, they are fetuses. A woman who is pregnant is not a mother, she is in a transitional phase.

It is all very cold and calculating, but it is a ruse and nothing more.

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