‘Almost repaired’: Ruth Bader Ginsburg discusses her health in interview

The silence around the health of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has finally been broken by the justice herself.

During a recent interview, Ginsburg revealed she is “almost repaired” after her nasty fall more than a month ago.

The Fall

The internet just about blew up when Americans found out Ginsburg took a fall that resulted in several fractured ribs.

Ginsburg had fallen in her office.

Initially, she did not think the injury was that bad.

After being home for several hours, however, she realized that she needed some professional care.

Later that night, Ginsburg was taken to the hospital and the announcement was made she had, in fact, fractured her ribs.

A Survivor

Ginsburg is nothing if not tough.

In the late ’90s, the Supreme Court justice won her fight with pancreatic cancer.

A decade later, she faced the same fight and came out on top again.

Additionally, she has fallen before, and has gone through some challenging medical procedures, but she always finds her way back to the bench.

Just as she came back from those health challenges, she appears to be on her way back from this most recent fall.

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Ginsburg revealed that even though she was hurt, it did not keep her out of the gym.

While previously only working her legs, the 85-year-old justice revealed in the interview that she was recently able to do her normal workout.

It looks like she won’t be leaving the high court any time soon.

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