Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg discharged from hospital

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was recently hospitalized for surgery to remove two cancerous growths in her lungs — but she didn’t stay long.

Ginsburg was just released from the hospital after undergoing surgery less than a week ago.

Recent Health Problems

Justice Ginsburg is no stranger to health problems.

She has already survived two bouts with cancer.

She has also recovered from broken ribs not once, but twice.

The most recent incident of broken ribs also revealed that the justice had cancerous nodules on her left lung.

Still, Ginsburg somehow managed to keep her condition secret.

In a recent interview, she actually said she was just about healed up from the rib injury — but failed to mention the fact she was undergoing surgery for the cancer nodules the next day.

Ginsburg had the operation late last week.

She was then released on Christmas Day, apparently cancer-free.

Retirement Questions

Ginsburg’s health problems have once again brought about debate over whether Supreme Court justices should be allowed to serve their entire lives.

Even Democrats are now willing to visit the idea of term limits because of the youth of the conservative justices recently added to the court.

Some have suggested a 30-year maximum term for justices.

There have also been ideas about dictating specific times when justices can be named to avoid the problem Obama had with being a lame duck president when the court needed a new justice.

Additionally, Democrats are now discussing increasing the number of justices on the court, but they only seem willing to do so if a Democrat wins the 2020 election.

Meanwhile, there is little doubt that people will be watching how Ginsburg conducts herself in the coming year.

On the surface, she has remained mentally sharp, as she is generally the author of the dissenting opinion.

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However, our Supreme Court needs all of the justices to be present.

While she has yet to miss time due to injury or illness, these recent health scares and Ginsburg’s age have Democrats on edge that she will end up having to step down while Trump is president, ensuring a significant conservative tilt on the high court for decades.

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