Justice Ginsburg finally caught on video in public

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has finally been seen in public.

On Monday, Ginsburg was spotted by TMZ at Reagan Washington National Airport.

See for yourself below:

Ready for Duty

The much-anticipated return of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg to the Supreme Court is finally taking place this week.

Ginsburg was caught on camera by a TMZ crew at Reagan Airport, apparently arriving in town for Tuesday’s Supreme Court session.

When the crew asked her how she was doing, she quickly replied, “Just fine.” However, she either did not hear or did not care to answer the next question about her initial reaction to the film dedicated to her life’s work.

Protecting RBG

Ginsburg is 85-years-old and still recovering from surgery and broken ribs, so it was no surprise to see her accompanied by security guards and what appeared to be a caretaker.

An unidentified younger woman was holding tightly on to Ginsburg’s arm and ushered her away from the media. While Ginsburg was clearly walking on her own, her fragility is quite apparent.

Even so, she is adamant she will not leave the bench until at least 2020.

In addition to her recent health problems, Ginsburg carries the weight of liberal hopes on her shoulders.

As it stands now, conservatives have a 5-4 edge in the court, but Justice Roberts has proven he can swing either way.

If, however, Trump is somehow able to replace a liberal justice like Ginsburg with yet another stalwart conservative, conservatives would be almost assured of at least a 5-4 advantage in key constitutional decisions.

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