Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg responds to calls for her retirement

With all of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s recent health problems, even people on the left are criticizing her for not having retired when Barack Obama was in office so that a liberal justice could have been appointed.

But now, CNBC reports that Ginsburg has fired back, stating: “Who do you think the president could nominate that could get through the Republican Senate? Who would you prefer on the court than me?”

Health Concerns

Ruth Bader Ginsburg is no stranger to health concerns.

In addition to some bumps and bruises, RBG has had a total of four bouts with cancer during her time on the bench.

While two of the battles occurred at a younger age, over the last year or so, Ginsburg has had to undergo two separate treatments for cancer in two different areas of her body.

The political climate being what it is, liberals are not so much worried about Ginsburg’s health as they are the possibility of Donald Trump having an opportunity to appoint a third justice to the court.

Driving Force

Ginsburg is far from your average 86-year-old. The popular justice remains very active physically, even at her age.

The tapes of her exercise regimens have become the stuff of legend, and her personal trainer cannot say enough kind things about her. Even when she was recovering from her latest bout with cancer, she continued to work from home.

Ginsburg has not hinted at an impending retirement, and we do know she has made arrangements for staffing for at least the next two years.

If a Democrat wins the Oval Office in 2016, and Democrats also manage to take over the Senate, it is a pretty safe bet Ginsburg will step down early in that president’s first term.

If, however, Trump wins, most people believe she will hang on as long as possible in the hopes of making it all the way through a second Trump term.

Even if a Republican were to win after Trump leaves office, most liberals would be far less upset about that president appointing a new Supreme Court justice than Trump getting to have a third go at it.

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