Ginsburg attended closed-door Supreme Court conference on Friday

The Supreme Court’s press office announced that Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg appeared in person at the high court on Friday.

This marks Ginsburg’s first day back since undergoing surgery in late December to remove cancerous growths from her lungs, which were discovered after she broke several ribs in a fall in November.

According to her doctors, Ginsburg is now “cancer-free,” but the surgery, which removed part of her lung, required an extensive recovery period.

Closed-door conference

Ginsburg missed at least six sessions of oral arguments and three private conferences during her weeks of recovery. While she has suffered various health issues over the years, including two other bouts with cancer, this recovery marked her first ever absence from oral arguments since her confirmation in 1992.

However, Ginsburg has reportedly been working from home by reviewing transcripts of those arguments and other briefs related to the cases.

The closed-door conference she attended on Friday was for the justices to discuss among themselves which new cases to pick up in upcoming sessions and to finalize any rulings that may soon be issued on cases they’ve already heard.

Reported public appearance at concert

Ginsburg reportedly made a public appearance at a special concert held in her honor by her daughter-in-law, singer Patrice Michaels. The performance was a musical account of Ginsburg’s life and career.

The elderly jurist reportedly sat in the back of the dark auditorium at the National Museum of Women in the Arts as she took in the performance and was not photographed.

Imminent retirement

Considering Ginsburg’s advanced age and health issues, many are concerned whether Ginsburg remains capable of adequately serving on the Supreme Court, and questions abound as to how much longer it will be before she feels compelled to retire or is simply unable to serve any longer.

If she is forced to retire while President Donald Trump is in office, he’ll have the opportunity to nominate yet another conservative justice to the high court — a scenario which terrifies the left.

Ginsburg, who is no fan of Trump, has declared on multiple occasions that she plans to stay on the court as long as she can work “full steam.”

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