Ruth Bader Ginsburg appears in public for first time after latest cancer treatment

Last week, the nation was stunned to find out that Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg had yet another serious bout with cancer.

Ginsburg silenced any concerns people may have had about her health after she appeared at the University of Buffalo to receive an honorary law degree.

Honoring Her Commitments

Justice Ginsburg had been invited to the University of Buffalo in July 2018. Ironically, the man who invited Ginsburg to the university, Wayne Wisbaum, was suffering from his own health problems at the time.

He even apologized to the Justice that his health problems were preventing him from playing a significant role in the arrangements for her appearance, but he had hoped that would not deter Ginsburg from her appearance.

Sadly, Mr. Wisbaum has since passed, and he missed Ginsburg’s appearance.

Even though Ginsburg is probably the most recognizable name on the Supreme Court today, she remains humble. During her appearance, she referred to her unexpected fame as the “notorious RBG.”

Ginsburg also mentioned how she continues to be amazed that supporters stretching a wide array of generations approach her for her autograph.

Still Going Strong

The news that Ginsburg was being treated for cancer again was stunning, to say the least. It is now the fourth time that Ginsburg has had to battle cancer as well as being the second time in less than a year she has been diagnosed with a form of the disease.

After a bad fall in November 2019, doctors discovered cancerous nodules from her left lung, and Ginsburg had to undergo a procedure to remove them.

The latest visit to the hospital was to treat a malignant tumor on her pancreas, the second time she has had a problem with this kind of cancer.

Through it all, though, Ginsburg has remained strong, and as you can see from her most recent appearance, she remains undeterred and refuses to give in to this disease.

While we may not agree with her political ideology, you cannot help but admire this woman’s fight and her refusal to give in when surrendering would be the far easier course of action.

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