Gingrich unleashes bombshell about Georgia indictment of Trump

August 18, 2023
World Net Daily

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Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich has released a bombshell about the latest indictment, from the state of Georgia, of President Donald Trump.

That indictment, which critics have charged makes it illegal to make a phone call or hold a meeting, claims that Trump and more than a dozen others engaged in illegal actions to contest the 2020 election results.

Now, a report at PJMedia explains that Gingrich confirmed a "reliable source" told him orders came from Washington, D.C. for Fulton County prosecutor Fani Willis, to bring charges against Trump.

The explanation, the report said, was that "they" needed a distraction "from the 'screw-up' involving David Weiss," who recently was appointed special counsel to continue the government's years-long investigation of Hunter Biden on tax and gun charges.

Weiss actually was the U.S. attorney involved in offering Hunter Biden a sweetheart deal of pleas to a couple of misdemeanors and a diversion program to get rid of a long list of tax and gun felonies.

Critics of Merrick Garland's appointment of Weiss as "special counsel" point out that the special counsel law requires that person be from outside the government, not an employee like Weiss.

"I am told—this is hearsay—but I am told by a reliable source, that Friday evening, somebody from Washington called the district attorney in Atlanta and said, 'You have to indict on Monday. We have to cover up all of the mistakes we just made with Weiss,'" Gingrich told Charlie Kirk in an interview.

Gingrich related that Willis said her jurors weren't returning until Tuesday,

"They said, 'You didn't hear me. You have to indict on Monday.' And she said, 'Well, they're not gonna get here before noon,' They said, 'That doesn't matter.' She says, 'This means it's going to be eight or nine or 10 o'clock at night.' They said, 'It doesn't matter.'"

Gingrich, responding to Kirk, said who made the call was unknown.

"I totally believe it, though," Kirk said. "Because that would explain why they leaked and they messed up on the clerk document. Why she was exhausted and why they had the 11 p.m. press conference."

PJMedia explained, "DA Willis held a late-night press conference to announce that a grand jury had indicted former President Donald Trump and 18 associates on multiple charges, including violating the Georgia RICO Act, solicitation of oath violation, and various conspiracy and false statement offenses. The charges had been suspiciously leaked online before the grand jury’s decision."

Gingrich insisted the information was not confirmed, but the report said, "It not only fits with the circumstances surrounding the indictment but with the past indictments as well. As we’ve previously reported here at PJ Media, each of Trump’s prior federal indictments immediately followed bad news days for Joe Biden."

Trump earlier faced an indictment in New York for alleged business records violations, offenses that normally would be misdemeanors and for which the statute of limitations would have expired. However, prosecutors claimed these offenses somehow are felonies.

Then Trump was named in a court filing for having government documents, including classified documents, from his presidency in his home.

Curiously, both Mike Pence and Joe Biden also were found to have similar documents in their homes, or in Joe Biden's case, his relatively unsecured garage and no charges have been filed in either situation.

Then he was indicted for his statements, which even critics concede could have been protected by the First Amendment, about the 2020 presidential election results.

Each time the indictments have followed shortly after bad news for the Bidens, who now are under investigation by Congress for what apparently was a years-long influence peddling operation that involved tens of millions of dollars being delivered to the family's shell companies.

There's even an FBI document referencing $5 million bribes for Joe and Hunter Biden each.

Further, Hunter Biden's sweetheart plea deal recently fell apart in federal court when the judge questioned what appeared to be a blanket immunity promise for him.

PJMedia explained, "This even raises the question as to whether Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s indictment of Trump was ordered by Washington for similar reasons. On the same day that Trump was indicted in April, Kathy Chung, a former aide to Biden, testified before the House Oversight Committee, contradicting the White House’s account of Biden’s handling of classified documents. Chung testified that the documents Biden kept were not stored in a secured closet at the Penn Biden Center."

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