Trump should send Pelosi a ‘thank you’ note for impeachment, Gingrich jokes

Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s gambit to withhold articles of impeachment from the Senate is backfiring on her, Newt Gingrich suggested Monday on Fox & Friends, joking that President Donald Trump ought to send Pelosi and “brain-dead” Democrats a “thank you note” for driving up his campaign donations.

“You look at the amount of money that Nancy Pelosi has raised for Donald Trump. I mean, he ought to send her a beautiful ‘thank you’ note saying that no one has done more to finance my campaign than you have Nancy, please spend the next months convincing people your party is brain-dead,” Gingrich said.

A partisan game

Gingrich, the former Republican House speaker who oversaw the impeachment of former President Bill Clinton, expressed his confusion over what, exactly, Pelosi hoped to gain by continuing to withhold the House-passed articles of impeachment from being transmitted to the Senate for a trial, as the Constitution prescribes.

“It’s hard for me to explain what Speaker Pelosi thinks she is doing,” Gingrich said. “The more she plays games, the more she devalues the impeachment process and turns it from a historic event to just politics.”

“Every day that she drags this out she makes it look more political, less serious, and I think makes the Democrats look like a party that are engaged just in not doing what the country wants but just in playing partisan games. So I don’t understand her strategy,” he added.

Trump should thank Pelosi

Gingrich went on to cite President Trump’s improved polling numbers and the massive number of Republican candidates that had announced their intention to run for Congress in the upcoming election, a surge of support that not only could keep President Trump in the White House but also deliver the House back into Republican hands.

Much of this is due to the growing backlash against the partisan impeachment obsession of Pelosi and her fellow Democrats, Gingrich said.

“Every day the Democrats remain more political — and of course, they have now added to that looking like they are pro-Iranian — they encourage more people to run for office they encourage more people to donate,” Gingrich said.

The Hill reported that, thanks in large part to a backlash against impeachment, the Trump campaign reportedly raised more than $46 million in donations over the fourth quarter, the biggest quarter thus far of the campaign for Trump, which has resulted in his having more than $100 million in cash on hand at the start of the election year.

Later, Gingrich added, “The idea that Pelosi thinks that she can somehow bluff Mitch McConnell, I mean, verges on requiring a psychologist.” He noted that McConnell has proven himself over the years to be “un-bluffable” and said, “She has no leverage on him. None. And it makes her look weak and foolish.”

Pelosi is unwittingly helping Trump

Speaker Pelosi’s strategy does seem rather incomprehensible, and Gingrich was right to call her out over it.

That said, given how her actions appear to be playing to President Trump’s benefit, perhaps everyone should stay quiet and let Pelosi keep blundering her way toward Trump’s re-election in November.

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