Newt Gingrich: Pelosi is overseeing ‘total collapse’ in the House

House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is overseeing a “total collapse of the legislative process,” according to former Republican House Speaker Newt Gingrich, Breitbart reported.

Ever since they nearly lost their majority in the House in the 2020 elections, Pelosi and the Democratic Party have seemingly become desperate, leading the House speaker to take extreme measures to pass the Democratic agenda. Pelosi has always been a political tyrant, but she’s only gotten worse with the outcome of the House elections.

Gingrich told New York WABC’s The Cats Roundtable that Democrats are “robots” who don’t dare step out of line with Pelosi. This “machine-like” process, Gingrich said, shows Democrats cannot be allowed to hold power.

Razor-thin majority

Democrats are working with a razor-thin majority and can’t afford any defections. The situation is so bad that Democrats are even trying to steal a seat in Iowa.

“They have a five-vote margin, and basically, they’re saying to their members, ‘You don’t have to read anything. You don’t have to know what’s in it. We don’t have to have any hearings. You can’t offer any amendments. All you need to know is show up and vote yes,'” Gingrich said.

What is happening in the House isn’t remotely democratic. Democrat House members are marching in lockstep and doing whatever Pelosi wants.

Gingrich continued, “Democrats are expected to automatically vote yes no matter what. I mean, it’s working, but it has nothing to do with a free society or a representative government. It’s just pure machine politics. And that to me has been probably the biggest surprise of what’s happened so far this year.”

Change desperately needed

In an ideal situation there would be some amount of disagreement that would lead to positive changes being made in Congress. But instead, the automatons of the Democratic Party are working for Pelosi instead of the people they are supposed to represent.

What makes the situation worse is no matter the merit of any amendment offered by Republicans, Democrats will firmly reject it.

Pelosi and the Democratic Party do not care to represent Americans; they only care about their agenda. Democrats have been given power by the voters and have proceeded to cut the voter out of the equation completely.

It is critical that Republicans put all effort into liberating the House from the partisan Democrats who refuse to work for the people. Thankfully, Republicans have the historical advantage going into the 2022 midterms.

Pelosi has spent decades in Washington, D.C., and what has she truly done for Americans? The breakdown of the legislative process is yet another reason for the American people to tell Pelosi, “You’re fired.”

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