Gingrich slams Speaker Pelosi for turning House into her own personal ‘dictatorship’

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has maintained a tight grip on power over the past several years, particularly within the past two in relation to her strict edicts on mitigation measures stemming from the coronavirus pandemic.

That stranglehold on control of Congress prompted former House Speaker New Gingrich (R-GA) to proclaim that Pelosi has transformed the House of Representatives into her own personal “dictatorship,” Fox News reported.

The quip from Gingrich came Monday during an appearance on “Jesse Watters Primetime” and was made in relation to the dictatorial manner in which Canadian authorities were attempting to crack down on the trucker-led “Freedom Convoy” in the capital city of Ottawa who are protesting against vaccine mandates and other harsh pandemic restrictions.

House has become “Pelosi’s dictatorship”

The segment began with Gingrich commenting on the glaring hypocrisy of the “power elite” nationwide, particularly in terms of such people being caught maskless and in violation of the mask mandates they have imposed on others.

That isn’t a problem solely in America, however, but internationally, including in Canada, and the former speaker was encouraged that “All across the planet you’re seeing a rebellion” from regular, non-elitist people.

In reference to the trucker-led protests in Canada, Gingrich said, “The truck drivers got sick of it and of course the response, which shocked me … the Canadian government has reacted like a dictatorship and has gone all out to cause as much pain as they can.”

“The government has even said if you provide them gasoline or food, the truck drivers, you could be arrested,” he continued. “I don’t know what law there is that prevents you from providing gasoline and food to truckers, but the local mayor in Ottawa [Jim Watson], the national capital, decided he was going to crush them.”

“You’re seeing this kind of real division everywhere. It’s the Nancy Pelosi effect. She runs a dictatorship. It used to be called the House of Representative, but it’s really Pelosi’s dictatorship, and it’s the same kind of attitude,” he added.

Pelosi represents the “greatest threat to constitutional liberty”

This actually isn’t the first time that Gingrich has accused Speaker Pelosi of running a “dictatorship” in the House, as he has previously leveled that charge in other appearances on Fox News and even spelled out why he believes as much in a blog post to his own website in July 2021.

In fact, he asserted at that time that “Speaker Nancy Pelosi is the greatest threat to constitutional liberty in our lifetime,” in light of the iron-fisted control she wielded over Congress and, by extension, the rest of the federal government.

Quoting the great Lord Acton of the 19th Century and his astute observation that “power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely,” Gingrich concluded that, “Pelosi has had a lot of power for a long time,” and that, in relation to President Joe Biden, “Every day, Speaker Pelosi gives us reason to believe she is far more dangerous, destructive, and egocentric than President Biden could ever be.”

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