Newt Gingrich on John McCain: ‘I wouldn’t want to bet against’ him

John McCain has a surprising fan in former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich.

When asked about McCain’s current health problems, Gingrich stated, “I wouldn’t want to bet against him.”

A Fighter

Gingrich obviously respects both McCain the man and the military hero.

“If you look what was done to him by the Vietnamese, when he was in that prison camp, you look at his toughness, how he responded, how he came back, I would never want to be the person to take hope away from John,” Gingrich stated.

In that aspect, Gingrich is absolutely correct.

McCain’s time at the Hanoi Hilton is well-documented.

Few if any would challenge his status as a true hero for his service.

Surprising Stance

While it was not a surprise to hear Gingrich discuss McCain’s will, his stance on whether or not McCain should step down was a surprise.

Many conservatives have loudly voiced their opinion that the time has come for McCain to step down from his senate seat.

It is painfully apparent he will not be resuming his duties anytime soon.

In the meantime, the citizens of Arizona are lacking representation.

Gingrich believes it is not up to anyone but McCain to call it quits.

The former Speaker of the House stated, “That’s not our place in life to tell somebody that it’s over.”

He further stated, “I think we ought to keep him in our prayers and hope he recovers and comes back to the Senate.”

While no one wishes McCain ill will, this is not about being politically correct anymore.

It is about the citizens of this country having proper representation in Washington D.C.

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And, at this time, a significant group of people and the Republican party are not represented, and that simply is not fair.

Everyone would like to see McCain beat this horrible disease, but the right move here is to step down and allow the citizens of his state to elect his successor.

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