Gingrich labels Harris as ‘dumbest’ VP ever elected

Vice President Kamala Harris has done a rather poor job in her current role and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-GA) has seen and heard enough of her already, just one year into her tenure in office.

In fact, Gingrich recently surmised that Harris may well be “the dumbest person ever elected vice president in American history,” PJ Media reported.

That blistering attack came in response to a clip of Harris repeating the same phrase multiple times within a short span of time that had all the hallmarks of a student BS’ing their way through a report on a book assignment that had never actually been read, as well as other poor performances and bad news for the VP in recent days and weeks.

What an embarrassment

The remarks from Gingrich came during an appearance on Fox News with host Sean Hannity to discuss the latest example of the vice president appearing unfit for her job — a speech in Louisiana that same day in which she uttered the phrase “the significance of the passage of time” at least four times within about 30 seconds.

Coinciding with that was a New York Post report Monday revealing that Harris’ top national security adviser, Nancy McEldowney, was soon leaving — a decision that may have been spurred on by the vice president’s several gaffes during a recent trip to Europe, which included her appearing to laugh hysterically when asked about the plight of Ukrainian refugees, according to the Washington Examiner.

Biden’s age gives him an excuse, but Harris is “just dumb”

“Well, first of all, if you want a strong reason to pray for the health of the president of the United States, you are reminded today that that reason is the vice president,” Gingrich told Hannity.

“She’s not only totally incoherent — you know, [Biden] may or may not have cognitive decline problems at his age, but at her age, she’s just dumb,” he continued. “I mean, let’s be clear — Kamala Harris may be the dumbest person ever elected vice president in American history and that’s why people keep resigning.”

“I mean, if you were her national security advisor, and you were competent, and you’d worked hard, and you knew what you were doing, and you watched her in Poland break up laughing when she’s asked about Ukrainian refugees, you had to feel a sense of total humiliation,” the former speaker said.

VP shouldn’t be allowed out in public anymore

“So I’m not surprised that that particular advisor resigned because it’s very clear that Kamala Harris should never, ever be allowed to leave the country,” Gingrich added. “She probably shouldn’t be allowed to leave the Naval Observatory, which is the residence of the vice president.”

PJ Media noted that the remarks from Gingrich seemed to echo those of Iuliia Mendel, the former spokeswoman for Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who had said of Harris’ poor performance during press conferences in Europe that “It would be a tragedy if this woman won the presidency.”

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