Newt Gingrich compares Trump’s use of executive time to Churchill’s

There is clearly a rat in the White House, something made obvious when President Donald Trump’s personal schedule was leaked to the media.

As liberals blasted the president over what was noted as “Executive Time,” Newt Gingrich reached out to defend the president, comparing his use of time to that of Winston Churchill’s.

Breach of Faith

From the very start of this administration, we have seen unprecedented leaks like never before, and there is still clearly an element in the White House working to undermine this presidency.

When word of the leak was first reported, Madeline Westerout, Trump’s Director of Oval Office Operations, was absolutely furious. “What a disgraceful breach of trust to leak schedules. What these don’t show are the hundreds of calls and meetings @realDonaldTrump takes everyday. This POTUS is working harder for the American people than anyone in recent history,” she tweeted.

The report by Axios was a detailed breakdown of Trump’s days over the last three months. Within that schedule, “Executive Time” dominates most daily schedules. However, what the report does not state in detail is what he actually does during those hours. It simply notes his future plans.

Additionally, much of the president’s day happens in the moment, meaning he is regularly interrupted and must attend a meeting, take a phone call, etc.

This schedule can be twisted just about any way the media wants to do it, and the fact someone deep inside the White House leaked this schedule out for the sole purpose of undermining Trump is infuriating.

Newt Defends the President

Virtually anyone with common sense knows President Trump is not spending 60 percent of his day staring at the ceilings or playing video games. And, just because he does not keep a more traditional schedule does not mean he is not working.

Speaking out in defense of the president, former GOP House Speaker Newt Gingrich compared Trump’s off-hour schedule to that of the great Winston Churchill, who was famous for working late hours and dictating speeches from bed.

The fact is, the country is doing so well right now, liberals are grasping at straws in an effort to find something with which to criticize this president.

The economy is booming, trade is finally beginning to equal out, and Trump’s foreign policy, albeit far from traditional, has proven to be very effective thus far.

Even Americans who didn’t support Trump are starting to see this administration is accomplishing things that benefit all Americans, not just his supporters. As long as Trump continues to do that, he can manage his schedule however he wants!

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