Ghostbusters director Ivan Reitman passes away at 75

The mind behind the iconic blockbuster Ghostbusters, director Ivan Reitman, has passed away at the age of 75-years-old.

Reitman had an incredible career in the 1980s and ’90s, and Ghostbusters was just one of his many hit projects. Unfortunately, Reitman’s passing was sudden and unexpected and the cause of death has yet to be released.

Reitman’s passing prompted an immediate outpouring of support from both friends and admirers.

Loss of a directing icon

A joint statement issued by Reitman’s children read, “Our family is grieving the unexpected loss of a husband, father, and grandfather who taught us to always seek the magic in life. We take comfort that his work as a filmmaker brought laughter and happiness to countless others around the world. While we mourn privately, we hope those who knew him through his films will remember him always.”

Fans seeking to remember Reitman through his films have a treasure trove of items to work with.

Reitman’s career was extensive and while he is best known for his role in the Ghostbusters franchise, those films were just one piece of the whole picture.

Reitman also directed National Lampoon’s Animal House as well as Bill Murray vehicles Meatballs and Stripes.

He went on to direct Twins, Kindergarten Cop, Dave, Junior, and Six Days, Seven Nights. He also produced Beethoven, Old School, and EuroTrip, among others.

More reactions

Tom Rothman, Sony Pictures Motion Picture Group chairman and CEO, reacted to Reitman’s passing saying, “Tonight the lady with the torch weeps, as do all of us at Columbia, and film lovers around the world. Ivan Reitman was an inseparable part of this studio’s legacy, but more than that he was a friend. A great talent and an even finer man; he will be dearly missed. We send his family all our condolences.”

“I had the honor of working so closely with Ivan and it was always such a learning experience,” Ghostbusters reboot director Paul Feig wrote. “He directed some of my favorite comedies of all time. All of us in comedy owe him so very much.”

“A legend,” comedian and actor Kumail Nanjiani said on Twitter. “The number of great movies he made is absurd.”

While Americans lost an iconic director responsible for some incredible memories, the Reitman family lost a beloved man. The millions of fans would do well to keep the Reitman family in their prayers.

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